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Amplify trading process

Head of Trading, Piers Curran, covers the main process that is the cornerstone to any trading decision taken by our team.

Trade execution

Once your fundamental and technical analysis has been completed the next step is to focus on the variables that impact execution.

Entry and Exit strategies

Identifying market conditions and selecting the right strategy.

Technical level picking

Head of Trader Development Sam North gives a practical session on level picking.

Daily routine - Head of Market Analysis

Anthony Cheung explains how to prepare for each trading day and resources that you can start using today.

Daily routine - Senior Trader

Sam North walks through his typical day in the market from morning preparation to trading throughout the day.

Introduction to edge

Exploring the problem unsuccessful traders have and defining the individual components of a trading 'edge'.

Trading process - Assessment

Short multiple choice quiz.

Risk vs Reward

Piers explains how to understand your risk relative to your expected reward and how to instil a pragmatic approach to your trading decisions.

Maximum risk per trade

Understand the importance of having a fixed structure when it comes to how much you should risk in any one trade.

How to use a trade blotter

A practical walk through of using a trade blotter.

The importance of a trading journal

Understand the benefits on keeping detailed notes of your trades and ideas for continued self development.

Setting realistic goals

How much income can you generate from trading?

Market timings

Anthony explains the profile of what a typical trading day looks like and why this is an important component to intraday trading.

Common trading mistakes

A comprehensive session developed from Sam on the most common mistakes he sees from new traders over several years of mentoring.

Understanding drawdowns

The important of volatility on your equity curve and what to do in a drawdown.
Learn directly from the Head of Trading Piers Curran, Head of Trader Development Sam North and Head of Market Analysis Anthony Cheung, as they connect the different elements in trading to provide a structured process to your strategy development and risk management.

In this course you will learn more about how Amplify approaches each trading and investment decision, ensuring that only the highest quality opportunities are executed. Topics range from entry and exit strategies and market timings to daily routines and the importance of journaling.

At the end of this course, you will be able to implement a process that helps increase the probability of success and consistency in your trading, ensuring that thorough analysis and strict risk protocol is followed in every trade you take within the framework of striving for continuous improvement.
15 Videos | 3 PDFs | 1 Assessment




How long do I have to complete the course?

Once you purchase the course you have life-time access to the material, and the ability to obtain your diploma certificate.

What do I do if I have questions on the content?

Upon purchase of the course, you will be granted access to a private Discord chat channel where you will have a designated room where you can ask questions and receive responses from the AmplifyLIVE team.

Will I be ready to trade after this course?

Yes, you will definitely be better equipped to trade after this course. However, there is lots to learn and experience before becoming a consistently profitable trader. We highly recommend completing the 5 core courses and then applying your knowledge on a demo account for several months before opening and trading on a live account.

What is the certificate I get on completion of the course?

Our training is fully accredited by the London Institute of Banking & Finance who are the oldest training and professional body for banking and financial services in England and Wales. The level 4 diploma status is the equivalent to undertaking the first year of a Bachelor's degree in the UK academic qualification framework.
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