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Introduction to Macro Fundamentals

Head of Trading Piers Curran introduces the course and explains how the economy works and what determines the price of an asset.

Introduction to Monetary Policy

Piers explains how a central bank manages an economy through monetary policy, examining what inflation is and how unconventional policy like QE works.

US Federal Reserve Explained

In this session Head of Market Analysis Anthony Cheung breaks down how the world's most important Central Bank - The Federal Reserve - works.

Know Your Central Bankers

A need to know crib sheet of the major central bank officials from the Federal Reserve, European Central Bank and Bank of England.

Trading a Monetary Policy Event

Anthony looks at the framework to understanding how markets react to a central bank announcement.

FOMC Meeting LIVE: March 2021

Review the team's live trading and analysis over a Fed meeting.

ECB Statement LIVE: Fec 2020

Review the team's live trading and analysis over a ECB statement release.

ECB Press conference LIVE: Dec 2020

Review the team's live trading and analysis over an ECB press conference.

BoE Meeting LIVE: Feb 2021

Review the team's live trading and analysis over a BoE meeting.

Introduction to Trading the News

Anthony provides an overview of understanding macro themes and news dissemination.

Preparation & Understanding the News

Understand the process behind how a macro trader prepares for a news driven event and the use of alternate news sources.

Know Your Economic Data

Macroeconomic data is the cornerstone to understanding the health of an economy and forecasting the future. Here Anthony explains the major data to be aware of.

How to Approach Trading Economic Data

Identify what economic data is important, why an awareness of the forecast ranges is key to determine price reactions and what skills are needed to trade the news effectively.

Reading Market Sentiment

Identifying market sentiment is critical to day trading and longer-term trading. In this session Anthony explains the key concepts to be aware of.

How to Use Twitter for Trading

Outside of traditional financial news servies, Twitter has become an incredibly powerful tool for traders and investors if used the right way. Here Anthony explains his method and ways in which it can help you.

Macro Trading Strategies Applied

An informal conversation between Piers and Anthony on applying a top-down macro approach to trading and investing with a focus on oil as an example.

Macro Preparation for News Driven Events

Anthony provides context as to how good macro traders are forward thinking and how they build scenarios in advance of time to reactive effectively to news.

Fiscal & Monetary Policy Explained

An infographic explaining how an economy is driven by these two defining factors; fiscal and monetary policy.

Economics Terminology Explained

A useful primer for some of the regular terminology used in markets and useful links to develop your learning further.

Trading Glossary (Jargon Buster)

A crib sheet of the most commonly used words and phrases when referring to the global financial markets.
Join Head of Trading Piers Curran and Head of Market Analysis Anthony Cheung as they deliver the core foundation to Global Macro Trading. In this course you will learn the key concepts that determine market direction through the channels of monetary and fiscal policy, and be able to turn that understanding into effective analysis to help construct a cohesive fundamental view on financial markets. The course provides insights from both sides of the table, from news aggregation and scenario planning from our head analyst, to how this knowledge is then applied into a definable trading strategy with the Head of Trading. You will also have access to re-watch previous historical trading events to see how the team prepare, execute and review major news driven events.By the end of this course you will have a much greater understanding of fundamental analysis and the importance of the news, allowing you to enhance your skillset as a successful trader.
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